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    Address: Johannesburg / Gauteng
    Tel: +27 11 021 3456
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SA Water stewardship council trust


Vision - We believe that sustainability is a key aspect of all future business and social engagement and we therefore seek to promote behavioural change with respect to water through positive reinforcement and incentivization…

Mission - Incentivizing behavioural change from consumption to the custodianship of water through structured stewardship programmes…

Values - Incentivizing behavioural change through positive inducement…

Message from our Chairman, Dr. Anthony Turton: 

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Water Footprint Network


The Water Footprint Network is a dynamic, international learning community. We are a platform for connecting diverse communities interested in sustainability, equitability and efficiency of water use.  The Global Water Footprint Standard – developed through a joint effort of the Water Footprint Network, its partners, and scientists of the University of Twente in the Netherlands – has garnered international support from major companies, policymakers, NGOs and scientists as an important step toward solving the world’s ever increasing water problems.  

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