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Slow the Flow is a non-profit organization , and an interactive campaign working towards changing behavioural patterns of people, promoting and implementing various measures and actions, and co-ordinating products and services which will help address and alleviate the water crisis (read more) in Southern Africa.

Although we endeavour to engage with Governments, Local Authorities, Educational Institutions and Scientific Research Organizations, we strive to be more "user friendly" for the average person, and particularly our youth, bringing about real change, day by day, door to door, drop by drop...

We are affiliated members of and partnered with:

Furthermore, we work with various other non-profit organizations and environmental groups, in furthering our joint objectives.

SA Water stewardship council trust


Vision - We believe that sustainability is a key aspect of all future business and social engagement and we therefore seek to promote behavioural change with respect to water through positive reinforcement and incentivization…

Mission - Incentivizing behavioural change from consumption to the custodianship of water through structured stewardship programmes…

Values - Incentivizing behavioural change through positive inducement…

Message from our Chairman, Dr. Anthony Turton: 

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Water Footprint Network


The Water Footprint Network is a dynamic, international learning community. We are a platform for connecting diverse communities interested in sustainability, equitability and efficiency of water use.  The Global Water Footprint Standard – developed through a joint effort of the Water Footprint Network, its partners, and scientists of the University of Twente in the Netherlands – has garnered international support from major companies, policymakers, NGOs and scientists as an important step toward solving the world’s ever increasing water problems.  

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